PRIZE MONEY SCANDAL: ASFA Refuse To Pay Back To Back Champions

The winner of the ASFA Cup receives prize money for their success; at least that’s what ASFA had everyone believe until it was time for their actions to speak the same language as their words.

Just days ago Carlton won the tournament for the second year running, but now they’ve been told by ASFA that they will not be receiving their prize money despite the previous promise made by the Somali organisation.

When confronted by Carlton midfielder Sami Nour about the matter, ASFA Cup founder Ahmed Dini was quick to dismiss the claims by stating that no one will be receiving any prize money because the ASFA Cup is a “community tournament” and “[There is] nothing professional here mate!” I struggle to understand how the magnitude of the tournament has any effect on Dini’s ability to keep his word and award Carlton their deserved and promised money. Perhaps if ASFA didn’t spend all their funding on singers who lip synced their entire performance, they would have been able to keep their promise.

I can understand Nour’s frustration and here at SOTG we sympathize with the Carlton players and we condemn the actions of Dini and his cohorts. A man must keep to his word or he begins to lose respect in the community, that is a fact, there is no use sugarcoating it. Ahmed Dini if you’re reading this, be a man of your word and pay Carlton their money. I do not work for Carlton but I represent the truth. I personally respect you and all that you’ve done for the community, this is not a personal attack, rather it is a plea for justice.

Carlton have threatened to defect and compete in ASFA’s rival competition Somali Week in 2016 if they are not awarded their prize money. As the situation stands, back to back winners Carlton have yet to receive their prize money for winning the ASFA Cup in 2015, and with this being their third win in 4 years, maybe ASFA would be glad to see Carlton leave so they can save themselves some money.

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