Defending Champions? The Holders Hold All The Cards

Just after the turn of the century there was a feud between the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW) which saw wrestlers from the longer standing, more established WWF, defect and join its arch rivals and compete in WCW. While that feud was a written story line, it has indisputable similarities to the current off-field rivalry between ASFA and Somali Week.

Last week it was reported that the Seniors champions of ASFA, Carlton, have threatened to boycott the ASFA Cup 2016, now the Juniors champions Eritrea Melbourne United are making the same threat as their fellow title holders.

An insider at Somali Week told SOTG that the Eritreans are in talks with Somali Week to possibly enter the tournament as an invitational side, which would exempt them from the ‘3 foreign player’ rule, the same rule that is restricting Carlton’s potential switch.

The Eritrean’s have fast become a golden commodity attraction as they followed their Juniors triumph in the ASFA 2015 final by winning the Seniors of the Oromo Tournament a week later. Both their Juniors and seniors will make the switch if negotiation talks between United and Somali Week are successful.

The ASFA champions may be on their way out as Somali Week continues to have the edge over ASFA in the off-field battle, and just like in the tale of WWF vs WCW, only one of these tournaments may survive in the long term.


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