Craig Hutchinson Has No Empathy for Ben Cousins

Disgraced former AFL star Ben Cousins was arrested yet again on Monday, but The Sunday Footy Show’s Craig Hutchinson does not sympathise with the former West Coast Eagle.

Speaking on his podcast The Sounding Board, Hutchinson said: “Ben Cousins, I’m sorry I don’t have any empathy for him.”

Hutchinson believes Cousins got himself into this situation and he has no one but himself to blame.

“He got himself in a position [where] for the last five years he hasn’t had any control over his actions potentially.

“But the first time he took drugs was a choice, the second time it was a choice, the third time it was a choice. He made a series of bad choices that he now has to be accountable for.”

Comparing Cousins to the controversial Nick Kyrgios, Hutchinson said he believes: “In life you’ve got to be accountable for your own actions.”

Hutchinson’s co-host Damian Barrett had more sympathy for both bad boys, saying he now feels sorry for Kyrigos, despite previously calling for him to face disciplinary action.

“I’ve actually done a half circle on this, I’m actually now thinking there’s something seriously wrong with him and I’m actually feeling sorry for him that he doesn’t have the guidance that I think he needs.

“And I think he’s easy to kick right now, which flies in the face of what I have felt for some time”

Hutchinson responded with: “That’s the journey we go on as a public right?

“We go ‘dingbat, moron, can’t stand him, kick him out of the sport’, then someone kicks him out of the sport, we say ‘poor kid, he needs a hand, maybe he’s ill-advised’, then there’ll be a medical twist in the next two weeks.”

Despite sticking firm to his original comment, Hutchinson did concede “It’s probably unfair to say no empathy; of course you don’t like to see people go through these things.”

Hutchinson is not the first to be brutally honest about Cousins’ situation.

In June, The Herald Sun’s Jon Ralph worried Cousins could die from drugs if he does not stop using.

Episode 30 of The Sounding Board was recorded inside the Eastern Lecture Theatre at La Trobe University in front of over a hundred journalism students.

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