Breaking news – Hume lose star player to Series Futsal champions

uc7In a hammer blow to Hume Futsal Club, star player Ubeyde Cicek has decided to part ways with the club, transferring to ten-time V-League/Series Futsal champions Pascoe Vale, effective immediately. 

Cicek told Sport on the Global that he has made this decision because he believes Pascoe Vale offers him the best training he requires to develop as a player and improve his game.

His belief that too many of the players prioritise their outdoor club career over their futsal career, as well as the lack of training at Hume, have been key factors in his departure.

“Futsal is my priority and our main players prioritise NPL (the National Premier League)” Cicek said.

“I need to commit to a team focused solely on Futsal.

“If I want to take Futsal seriously and get further, I need to push my limits, and  I can only do that with a team that pushes its players further up.”

Cicek has had a stand-out season, scoring 20 goals and assisting 8 more.

That kind of form has made him a much sought-after target, and he revealed Pascoe Vale was not the only team that made him an offer.

“A few clubs have offered me the opportunity for this (to train and develop), and I evaluated over the past few weeks and I chose the best option”, Cicek said.

“I had a chat with Andre and some of the other guys at Pascoe Vale and they were very welcoming; I trained with them this week and  I really enjoyed it”

Cicek said he does not expect to immediately walk into the starting lineup and become a key player for Pascoe Vale, but he believes his merits have proved that he can perform at the highest level and he is willing to prove it to his new teammates.

“Obviously as I train and get used to their style and their system… and get better at Futsal… then I can start being a more pivotal player for them”, he said.

Cicek broke the news to his Hume teammates and coach after their game against Pascoe Vale in the final round of the 2016/17 season, and he said they were understanding of his decision and his reasoning.

When asked what he would like to say to Hume, Cicek said “I’d like to thank Nej (Nejdett Sahin), Res (Resit Culculoglu), Niko (Ignatadis), Timmy (Muhammed Temel) and all the other boys.

“They’ve done a great job to come this far and improve the team, get better. The record shows, we’ve beaten Pascoe Vale five times out of the last seven. It shows us that the team is very good.

“We dropped points against teams that are on the bottom of the table, which is very frustrating; but obviously I just want to say thank you to everyone there and I wish them the best.”

Cicek hopes to make his debut for Pascoe Vale in next week’s FOZ Cup, and the man nicknamed ‘UC7’ insists that if he scores against his old team he will not celebrate.

Hume may feel the need to replace Cicek, or try desperately to hold onto its other players, if it is hoping to mount an even stronger challenge against Pascoe Vale next season.


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