"I’m staying" – Muhammed Temel turns down offers from rival clubs to stay at Hume and challenge for the SFV title


After weeks of speculation regarding his playing future, Muhammed Temel has confirmed in an interview with Sport on the Global that he will be staying with his current side, Hume Futsal Club, despite offers from other clubs within Series Futsal Victoria.

Temel said that his decision is based on the fact that he is now training with F-League side Vic Vipers, and that after speaking with Hume manager Niko Ignatiadis, Hume has started holding training sessions of its own.

With his desire for training and improving satisfied, Temel is happy to remain at the club that gave him his breakthrough as a senior player in the 2016 Series Futsal Victoria (SFV) season.

Temel has often expressed his love for Hume and he revealed that he had to fend off offers from rival clubs.

“A few clubs approached me trying to cater to my training needs, wanting me to play for them; and I appreciate them trying to help me out but now I’m settled and I know where I’m headed”, Temel said.

Temel opted not to name the clubs that approached him out of respect for their reputations.

“I don’t like to give names because clubs and players have their own reputations to keep, but I appreciate everyone who was involved in supporting me”, he said.

Watch Muhammed Temel’s goal of the season contender.

Now that he has decided on his playing future, Temel says he believes Hume can challenge for the SFV title again next season.

“Yes we definitely can (challenge for the title), we are a team full of heart and passion.

“When we play against top teams like Pascoe Vale we hardly ever lose, and I’m sure the stats show that.

“But it’s not just about playing against Pascoe Vale that counts, it’s also every other team in the league; because every team is good I believe.

“We need to take every game as seriously as we take the games against Pascoe Vale in order for us to be champions.

“We need that consistency with our performances from the players, and now that we’ve started training we can hopefully work on that and improve our consistency.”

Temel laughed at the suggestion that Ubeyde Cicek’s departure from Hume  had any impact on his decision to stay at the club and possibly become an even more crucial player for this season’s runners up.

He said”Ubeyde is like my brother, we’ve been through a lot together and won many championships together.

“Of course his departure was upsetting to me but I respect his decision and it had absolutely no impact on mine.”

He added “I wish him the best of luck at Pascoe Vale and hope I can play with him again soon.”

Temel’s Hume side may find itself coming up against Cicek’s new team Pascoe Vale in the final of the Futsal OZ Cup on Sunday the 5th of March, in what would be another mouthwatering encounter between the two rivals.

For more information on the Futsal Oz Cup, visit the Series Futsal website.

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