Top 5 clutch moments in AFL Finals history

You are either dead or living under a rock if you haven’t seen or heard about what took place at the Adelaide oval in week one of the 2017 AFL finals series. For the few who missed it, Luke Shuey booted a goal after the siren following a controversial free kick call in the second half of extra time. You’d have a hard time writing an ending so epic, but it happened. And as a result, it’s led us to count down the 5 most clutch finals moments in the history of the AFL

5. Matthew Scarlett toe poke – 2009 Grand Final 

One of the greatest full backs to ever play the game, but he’s not put on this list for his defensive efforts. In the 2009 grand final, Geelong and St Kilda were both in need of a hero, someone who could provide them with a miracle. And for the cats, it was Matthew Scarlett’s toe poke at centre field which led to Paul Chapman’s flag winning goal. A moment the Geelong faithful will not soon forget.

4. Jack Anthony sends the Pies to the Prelim – 2009 Semi Final

A free kick in the dying seconds of a semi final was all Jack Anthony needed to show he could handle all the pressure. Anthony received the free kick 40 metres from the big sticks and had no other thought than to go back and take a shot. He kicked truly and gave the Pies the lead they needed to win the game and move on to that years preliminary final.

3. Luke Shuey’s goal after the siren – 2017 Elimination Final

This entry may have some recency bias, but nonetheless it was spectacular. A finish that many couldn’t dream of, let alone witness live. It came after the siren in a game that couldn’t be decided after 4 quarters of play, and off of a controversial free kick. Whatever your stance is on the events prior, it’s impossible to argue that Shuey’s goal doesn’t rank amongst the most clutch moments of all time.

2. Nick Davis takes over the game – 2005 Semi Final

“I DON’T BELIEVE IT. I SEE IT, BUT I DON’T BELIEVE IT!” Fitting commentary from Anthony Hudson following Nick Davis’ unbelievable match winning goal in 2005. Not only did Davis kick the match winner, but he kicked all of Sydney’s last quarter goals to bring them back from an 19 point deficit at 3-quarter time. It was arguably the greatest quarter played by one man and definitely one of the most clutch performances of all time.

1. Leo Barry shows why he’s a star – 2005 Grand Final

“Leo Barry, you star!” Once again fitting commentary for one of the greatest moments in football history. To end a 72 year drought for the Sydney Swans, Leo Barry flew over a pack and picked the ball out of the air to ensure Sydney hold on to win the flag. It’s something Sydney fans, or all AFL fans for that matter, won’t ever forget.

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