“He hasn’t got any respect” – Metro manager Aleksander Stevanovic slams referee Michael Tsiaras

Metropolitan manager Aleksander Stevanovic has slammed Series Futsal Victoria (SFV) referee Michael Tsiaras, claiming that the referee lacks respect for senior players and managers.

Speaking on Talking Futsal in mid-week, Stevanovic said of Tsiaras, “He hasn’t got any respect for the players, especially the older ones, the young ones I didn’t ask.”

Tsiaras sent Stevanovic off at half-time in Metropolitan’s Round 5 clash against Western Wolves, and Stevanovic claimed that the sending off was completely uncalled for and unsolicited.

“I didn’t say anything bad to Michael [Tsiaras], as simple as that.”

“I maybe spoke to the referee on the side with a little bit of a high voice, but I didn’t talk to him [Tsiaras].

“I was complaining about the free kick because the fourth referee didn’t say anything to him [Tsiaras] about the decision.

“The fourth referee told me I saw everything but I can’t change the decision.”

Stevanovic believes that he was sent off for telling Tsiaras that he needs to communicate more with the players and managers.

“He don’t want to communicate with the players, he don’t want to talk to me, he don’t want to talk to no one (sic),” he said.

“When I came to the other side of the court at half-time, I told him that I was angry before the game at him because he comes to the complex, the futsal stadium, and we’re standing outside and he just passes, he doesn’t want to say hello to us, he doesn’t want anything to do with us.

“He told me on the court too, he told me I don’t want to talk to you.

“But for a referee in futsal or outdoor soccer the first rule is to have good communication with the players.

“So he has to communicate with me because I’m a coach. I’m a player for ten years in futsal, so I’ve done something for Futsal Oz in the last ten years. So he can just put a little bit of respect (sic) for the old boys, the legends.”

Stevanovic has had a previous run-in with Tsiaras, but he is still open to sitting down and discussing his differences with the referee.

“Yes of course [I would be open to a sit-down with Tsiaras],” he said, “Straight away I would tell him what I told the fourth referee, and I’m going to ask him if I’m lying about something, give me a life ban straight away.”

Stevanovic has been suspended by the SFV Commission from management until further notice, and he told the panel that he has not yet been notified of how long he will be suspended for.

Metropolitan next face CF Brunswick tomorrow night at 7pm at Futsal Oz’s Thomastown Stadium.

LISTEN to the full interview here

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