Former Australia manager Scott Gilligan reveals SFA CEO Peter Parthimos shunned crucial Australian futsal meeting

Former Futsalroos manager Scott Gilligan has revealed that Series Futsal Australia (SFA) CEO Peter Parthimos shunned a meeting with himself and a member of the FFA (Football Federation Australia) that could have changed the state of Australian futsal.

Speaking on Talking Futsal this week, Gilligan revealed that he has been working tirelessly since last year to try and form a united front between the multiple futsal bodies in Australia, and he shared his disappointment that Parthimos did not share his objective.

“Let me say this, Peter [Parthimos] won’t like what I’m going to say here but; I did a course in Melbourne, Peter Parthimos came, and I knew that one of the people from the FFA were going to come down for the course,” Gilligan said.

“I deliberately organised an ad hoc meeting for Peter to come to, so that I could put forward my ideas and Peter could put forward his ideas, to get Peter in the fold.

“To try and get him to understand that I wanted everything together while we are still under FFA, or without FFA.

“I wanted to see what we could do, and he didn’t come.

“Now that showed me, that what I’ve been trying to do over the last six months, to try and get people together, is not possible; because they talk, but because it’ll impact on what they do, they think it’s going to destroy them.

“That’s the reality, and until people can get past their egos and just say let’s do this for the sport and come together, we’re never going to get anywhere.”

Gilligan emphasised that he does not place the blame solely on Parthimos, rather putting the issue down to a lack of wholistic thinking throughout all of Australian futsal.

“The only way that futsal collectively can build a platform to reignite control for futsal only, while still being part of football, is if we come together,” he said.

“And I’m talking every single person that has a vested interest, that makes money out of the game, has to sit around a table and come up with a plan to say we are going to do something together and wrestle the autonomy back from football, while still being able to compete in all the competitions they compete in, which is FIFA, AMF, FAF as well now.

“You don’t want to impact on what anyone does because they’re making a living out of it, I understand that, it’s not a big deal.

“But you have to have a united front and you have to have the same goal, and until that happens, we’re just going to keep going round and round in circles like we have done for the last 30 years, and it’s just pissing me off.”

Listen to the rest of the interview with Scott Gilligan through the link below.

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