Futsal Oz forcing referees to pay for new uniforms is not acceptable says employee

Futsal Oz is being criticised for forcing its employees to pay for new uniforms, and one referee, who prefers to stay anonymous, has told BAIN Media that he is baffled by the decision.

“I was told on the Futsal Oz referees Facebook group,” he said, “I was shocked because I was never aware of an issue with the current uniform.”

The referee said the new uniforms have not been presented as an option, instead being made compulsory on all referees in both the social leagues and elite leagues.

“The uniforms are being forced on us without any compromise,” said the referee, “I do not plan on paying for the uniform as it does not make sense to pay for uniform to work in, it is the workplace’s responsibility.

“How can we pay to work? And why can’t the workplace pay for the uniform if it is compulsory upon us?

“We’re being paid to work there but now we have to pay to work? It’s unacceptable.”

Last year Futsal Oz was forced to lay off the majority of its casual behind-the-desk employees across its Thomastown and Brunswick centres due to cost cuts, and it appears the organisation has once again been forced to cut back on spending.

What do you think? Should the referees pay for the uniforms since they will be using them? Or is it the organisation’s responsibility to cover the expenses? Get in touch with us on social media and let your opinion be heard.

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