Inaugural Futsal Oz Power Rankings Revealed – 21st to 40th

In partnership with Futsal Oz’s Jimmy Soufis

The Futsal Oz Power Rankings is a new weekly feature that will see all 40 teams who compete in the Futsal Oz Elite Leagues system ranked based on their performances according to multiple variables including the difficulty of their opponents and the overall difficulty of the league.

With the introduction of the Clubs Cup, an additional variable has been added to the mix; each team’s performance in the Cup has also been taken into consideration.

The points system being used awards points for each result relative to the opponent faced. For example, a loss to a team of a similar rank will not result in a side having as many points deducted as if they were to lose to a team of a much lower rank.

By the same logic, a win against a much higher ranked team will result in a team picking up more points than if they were to beat a lower-ranked team.

The inaugural rankings will not be presented with a set of points. This list has been carefully comprised and will be used as the benchmark for allotting points in future weeks.

It is important to note that these rankings have been comprised based mostly off the performances of this season.

Here are the bottom 20 teams as ranked by

21. FC Footscray

22. Campbellfield FC

23. FC Prahran 

24. Vermont FC

25. Kensington Eagles FC

26. Kingston FC

27. Monash FC

28. Northcote FC

29. Melbourne Uni FC

30. Toorak FC

31. Tullamarine FC

32. FC Wollert

33. Glenroy FC


35. Mt Evelyn F.C.

36. Shepparton ANFC

37. Reservoir FC

38. North Melbourne FC

39. Lalor FC

40. FC Essendon 

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