Inaugural Futsal Oz Power Rankings Revealed – 20th to 1st

In partnership with Futsal Oz’s Jimmy Soufis

The Futsal Oz Power Rankings is a new weekly feature that will see all 40 teams who compete in the Futsal Oz Elite Leagues system ranked based on their performances according to multiple variables including the difficulty of their opponents and the overall difficulty of the league.

With the introduction of the Clubs Cup, an additional variable has been added to the mix; each team’s performance in the Cup has also been taken into consideration.

For more on how the power rankings will work, refer to our 40th to 21st reveal.

Here are the top 20 teams as ranked by

20. CF South Melbourne

19. Vic Friendship FC

18. Brighton FC

17. Glen Waverley FC

16. Ashburton FC

15. FC Preston

14. Melbourne FC

13. FC Collingwood

12. Regent FC

11. FC Melbourne Athletic

10. FC Balwyn

9. Metropolitan FC

8. Altona Knights FC

7. CF Brunswick

6. Moreland FC

5. Western Wolves FC

4. Fitzroy FC

3. Pascoe Vale FC

2. Hume FC

1. FC Carlton Heart


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