Futsal Oz Power Rankings (3/8/18) – SFA qualification set to break top five in two

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The Futsal Oz Power Rankings is a weekly feature that will see all 40 teams who compete in the Futsal Oz Elite Leagues system ranked based on their performances according to multiple variables including the difficulty of their opponents and the overall difficulty of the league.

At the end of the current season, the points by which the teams have been ranked will be revealed. It should be noted that bonus points will be rewarded for gaining promotion, while relegated sides will have points deducted from their end-of-season total.

It could not be closer at the top of the rankings, with the Wolves coming closest to overtaking a fellow top-five rival.

Tonight’s round of fixtures will not only determine which of the Wolves, Pascoe Vale or Hume will qualify for Series Futsal Australia (SFA), but it will give one of those sides a considerable advantage in the end-of-season rankings.

Meanwhile, State League One is set for a grand-stand finish in both its promotion and relegation races. Quite bizarrely, South Melbourne can find themselves in either a relegation playoff or promotion playoff by the end of the day’s play on Sunday.

Bottom side Essendon claimed the three points last Sunday and gave themselves a chance to climb off the bottom of the Elite Leagues pyramid and the Power Rankings with one game to play.

Power Rankings

1. FC Carlton Heart

2. Pascoe Vale FC 

3. Hume FC

4. Western Wolves FC 

5. Fitzroy FC 

6. Moreland FC

7. CF Brunswick

8. Altona Knights FC

9. Metropolitan FC

10. FC Balwyn

11. FC Melbourne Athletic

12. Regent FC

13. FC Collingwood

14. Melbourne FC

15. FC Preston

16. Glen Waverley FC ⬆

17. Ashburton FC ⬇

18.  Vic Friendship FC  ⬆

19. Brighton FC  ⬇

20. CF South Melbourne

21. FC Footscray

22. Campbellfield FC

23. FC Prahran 

24. Vermont FC

25. Kensington Eagles FC

26. Kingston FC

27. Northcote FC 

28. Monash FC 

29. Toorak FC 

30. Melbourne Uni FC 

31. Tullamarine FC

32. Glenroy FC

33. RMIT FC 

34. FC Wollert 

35. Mt Evelyn F.C.

36. North Melbourne FC  ⬆

37. Shepparton ANFC ⬇

38. Reservoir FC ⬇

39. Lalor FC

40. FC Essendon 

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